I am loved, despite my past

by purpose2life

Acting on Inspiration

This new video, titled “Acting on Inspiration” from MormonMessages, is a beacon of hope to those who feel they are not worthy of forgiveness and to be loved. Regardless of ones spiritual orientation, we can all relate to how we feel when we’ve left the fold and have a desire to come back. It’s difficult. Some say repentance is the hard part. But sometimes, having the courage to come back to church is the hardest. In some instances, repentance is the easy part. I have always attended church on Sundays, but I know how it feels to leave ones family and then try to come back home. It takes courage and determination to keep coming back especially when there has been an estrangement and hurt feelings. But the peace and satisfaction, that feeling that something is missing in my life, came back when I took that first step through the door and gave my loved ones a hug, asking for their forgiveness. It is bittersweet. But oh so worth it.